Online Shopping (E-Commerce) is all set to introduce a very unique Internet based shopping business across Middle East starting in Saudi Arabia – the largest Internet market in the Gulf with 7.7 Million users and an annual growth rate of 3,750%. The organization was founded by seasoned businessmen that have a good track record as for being honest and reputable in the business community. The founders have proved themselves for being pro-active and forward thinking. is made possible by ARACCO Holding Company (AHC); AHC is's parent company. One of's most important competitive advantages is in the technology area. Our technical team has over 40 years of combined Internet development experience. Our e-commerce platform is robust, safe and secure, and the team has proven confidence that they can maintain all the servers and technologies according globally recognized security standards. We established to serve the needs of computer users and our online site will be the textbook for our computer users. will focus on providing highly specialized and the latest in high technology products, including the latest gadgets, (all types of mobile phones and accessories and mobile computing). At a later stage we would like to engage in all other consumer products (cosmetics, perfumes, trend setting clothes, accessories, and office supplies). We have the potential to tap into the larger mega-industries i.e. heavy construction. We have global partners in China, Australia, US, South Africa, United Kingdom and soon Mexico, all of whom have collaborated on our projects that make our organization one of the fastest growing companies in Saudi Arabia. want to offer fast reliable service guaranteed on time delivery for all of our clients requirements. They can find an exciting and comprehensive range of quality cost effective custom printed promotional products, corporate gifts, personalized gifts and promotional items. Any promotional merchandize available, all of which can be branded with their own company or personalized logo. Whether it is a branded mug, printed pen or even an executive one off gift we will offer in the market especially in KSA.

We aimed to pride ourselves of having great understanding of promotional products and the effect that these can have success on our business endeavor. Incorporating something simple as a printed pen in any marketing strategies are endless, there's always a lasting impression of identity for giving gifts, repeat exposure of company logo which in turn creates interest about any company who are giving away promotional items.