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Sustainable Environment

Sustainable Development

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"Go Green", we recognized that sustainable development is not something a single organization can achieve on its own nor a single project to complete rather it is about the way we work within our business and interaction with our clients to meet multiple objectives for social well being and economic prosperity throughout and beyond. On this basis, ARACCO projects and involvement are bound on this direction for sustainable developmental growth.

Hence forth, as ARACCO combined its purpose for sustainable development we practice as follows:

  •       Understanding stakeholders' expectations, balancing conflicting expectations and changing behaviors appropriately.
  •       Working with customers and suppliers to maximize the benefits or the use of the products and minimize adverse effects.
  •       Engaging with people inside and outside our business scope
  •       Managing operations responsibly, to maximize resources use and minimize social or environment effects.
  •       Having open accountable governance frameworks and
  •       Delivering year-on-year improvement.

We believe with the protection of our natural environment and these needs can be met not only in the present, but in the indefinite future.  Sustainable development as development that "meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of the future generation to meet their own needs.   Additional employment and progress for our local nationals would likely alleviate poverty and provide them with a regular income to support for their living as part of Aracco's social responsibility in building a progressive nation outward.

Solar Power System

ARACCO wants to bring the change for Saudi Arabia and experience the latest form of conserving our energy in the form of embracing the widely accepted innovative idea of solar power lightning.

Our solar power lighting systems are a complete turnkey solution.   The systems are designed for easy installation. The efficient microprocessor automatically activates from sunset to sunrise. The in-built timer regulates the hours the light stays on; also regulates the battery, preventing it from overcharging and over discharging. The system is able to operate for at least 3 consecutive days without sunlight.

Our basic concepts to deliver this service are through the following procedure in providing our clients with study market and best choice to start with an innovative solution that has a high demand in the market.  Our Engineering group will design factory outline accompanied with the latest technological quality standard.  Our contractors then will give the highest safety quality standard that will ensure its guarantee and assurance.  Again Engineering group has an obligation   for quality control inspection during the project establishment.   Our Specialist partners offer a solution for building and saving and protecting the environment. Lastly we bestow an option on the type of the technology needs of the project with a guaranteed quality products and services.


  •        easy installation no wiring required
  •        installing and moving is easy – no more waiting for utility company
  •        Proven technology.  Vandal & theft resistant components.
  •       Easily and quickly deployed in almost location
  •        no wiring run from the grid
  •        no maintenance
  •        no utility bill
  •        maintenance free batteries
  •        component lifetime

Our Solar products are as follows:

PV Systems using Solar Energy – PV electricity generating systems have many advantages over alternative technologies — stable performance, easy installation, smooths operation and simple maintenance.

  • PV Power Station - PV system converts solar energy into the electricity and send the electricity to the grid through grid-connected inverter.
  • Residential System - Solar panels will be installed at the top of the resident houses or public buildings. The residents or the owner used their own electricity produced by the PV systems, at the same time, they can sell surplus electricity to the utility grid.
  • Off-grid System - Off grid PV system is designed to provide electricity to a home or business without drawing on enough power from the utility grid.  It is especially suitable for the areas where the conventional energy is difficult to reach, such as isolated valleys, small islands and remote areas.
  • Off-grid Residential System- 120 W Solar System with DC Output Loading requirement daily:

           2×11W DC energy saving lamp, Stand for 4 working hours
1×15W DC energy saving lamp, Stand for 2 working hours
1×30W AC radio-CD recorder, Stand for 2 working hours
1×100W AC color TV, Stand for 2 working hours

          System components:

           Solar Module: 120Wp 1pc
Controller:12V/10A  1pc
Inverter:500W/12V  1pc
Battery:80Am/12V  2pcs
Support frame, power box, cable and accessories

Public Illuminations –  Solar lighting system is a specific application of PV off-grid system in the filed of traffic and public service; with the LED lights it is an ideal lighting system for the illumination of streets, squares and tunnel.

 Mini Illuminations – Mini illumination systems are more flexible and easy to take; it is a good choice for climbing mountains, camping, and remote areas, etc.

 Other accessories for PV systems – we can also supply a range of PV system accessories as  battery of deep cycle, controller, inverter,  and LED lights.