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SaleTab.com is born

SaleTab.com is all set to introduce a very unique Internet based shopping business across Middle East starting in Saudi Arabia -the largest Internet market-in the Gulf with 7.7 Million users and an annual growth rate of 3,750%. The SaleTab.com organization was founded by seasoned businessmen that have a good track record as for being honest and reputable in the business community. The founders have proved themselves for being pro-active and forward thinking. SaleTab.com is made possible by ARACCO Holding Company (AHC), AHC is SaleTab.com’s parent company. One of SaleTab.com’s most important competitive advantages is in the technology area. Our technical team has over 40 years of combined Internet development experience. Our e-commerce platform is robust, safe and secure, and the team has proven confidence that they can maintain all the servers and technologies according globally recognized security standards.

We established saletab.com to serve the needs of computer users and our online site will be the textbook for our computer users. SaleTab.com will focus on providing highly specialized and the latest in high technology products, including the latest gadgets, (all types of mobile phones and accessories and mobile computing). At a later stage we would like to engage in all other consumer products (cosmetics, perfumes, trend setting clothes, accessories, and office supplies). We have the potential to tap into the larger mega-industries i.e. heavy construction. We have global partners in China, Australia, US, South Africa, United Kingdom and soon Mexico, all of whom have collaborated on our projects that make our organization one of the fastest growing companies in Saudi Arabia.

About the Owner

The owner Abdulaziz Fahad AI Jouf travelled and earned a higher education both from Western and Europe countries. He travelled a lot to learn and tried new things. He began his career with prominent IT companies as this is passion since he was a kid. Away from home, he was inspired by amazon.com Grow Big fast and after a decade of journey he is bound to start his own online shopping company right at his own native land – Saudi Arabia. This is where the Saletab.com is born:

Customer Service

Saletab.com will offer the industry’s lowest prices but will not sacrifice our service with our customers. We take care of our customers – and will continue to support as they support us as we are being able to use our buying power to get the best deals. Our customers are our success – and they are our top priority to provide unmatched customer care and help our customers understand how technology could help them. We have intelligent, courteous men and women to staff our call center; to answer questions, make recommendations and deliver solutions and we offer live chat service 7 days a week. So our customers can instantly chat online with saletab.com staff with any questions or concerns they have. We stock our website with latest products, the best deals – plenty of information to help our customers decide for themselves. We are very proud with our staff as they make a total difference.

Our people always had been our greatest asset. We’ve combined great people with great technology which means satisfying a pleasant experience with us and for each customer visited our website. So when a customer’s call or log on to our website, he/she is doing business with a company that is enthusiastic about high end electronics products and about matching our customers with the items that they need as we intend to continue serving our customers everyday 24/7.

Our Products & Service

We have almost 10,000 IT brands and product choice in our web site. Our technology team sees to it that we have updated inventory lists in stock are available in our site. Whatever featured in the site in one click you will have your order in your cart. We deliver fast! Our next day dispatch (once payment received) is made possible by our courier partners – UPS. When your order is sent on its way we will email you a tracking number so you can trace your delivery online, as it merrily makes its way to your front door, quick smart. We are also fully insuring all deliveries, so in the unlikely event that a parcel is lost in transit we’ve got you covered. This means there is no absolutely no risk with the delivery of your orders. Not only security concern for us, speedy delivery is also one of our main goals in keeping our customers happy. Offering next day dispatch on most of our items, we are constantly striving to send you and your goods as quickly as humanly as possible.

Secured Payment

Our online checkout is protected by highly encrypted secured protecti.on for you absolute privacy. We process all credit card payments securely and offer the convenience and security of VISA, MATERCARD, PAYPALL, GOOGLE and any authorized credit card. For those you are not comfortable with paying online-not a problem – we have a wire transferred payment method which allows you to pay directly for orders using your phone banking service. Your comfort, security and confidence are our utmost concern. All transactions are digitally encrypted using the latest technologies. We never share your information.


Fri, 01/11/2013 - 12:27
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